Concrete Pipe

ISI Source the highest quality reinforced Concrete Pipes For projects throughout USA & The World

For projects requiring concrete pipe throughout the United States and around the world, we work exclusively with CP&P. These pipe experts design and manufacture steel reinforced concrete jacking pipes that have been used in infrastructure projects all over the world.

Steel-Reinforced Concrete Jacking Pipes

CP&P Pipes have spent over 20 years perfecting the production of concrete pipes. Their reinforced concrete jacking pipe has been used for countless projects, and their expertise in this area is why we only work with them when steel-reinforced concrete jacking pipes are required for a client’s project.

CP&P Concrete Pipes

CP&P concrete jacking pipes are often utilised for: 

  • Sewerage
  • Stormwater
  • Desalination
  • Ocean outfall

These Steel-Reinforced Concrete Pipes are available with HDPE or high pressure steel liner options, and can be customised with three different metal collars: 

  • Mild Steel
  • Galvanised
  • Stainless Steels

To get in touch with ISI to discuss Concrete Jacking Pipes for your upcoming project, contact us via your preferred method through the links below.


Concrete Pipe
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